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My purpose is to help you find yours.

After 20 years of building an award winning, global company, I have decided to pursue my true passion of helping others connect to the same life-giving energy of spiritual connection that enabled every bit of my success.

Your guidance is waiting for you. Your true reason for being here wants to be revealed.  I am here to help you find what you seek, uncover your unique path to purpose, and go after it fearlessly.  

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You were AWESOME! Everyone at my table was buzzing-truly inspiring!
You were fantastic! Everyone loved you and your presentation.


I love to share what I have learned about purpose and meaning and how to manifest it in life with an actionable step-by-step process. I don’t hold back! Audiences leave invigorated to take the next step in their lives towards fulfillment.

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Megan is a knowledgeable & inspirational coach. She helped me to define my skill set & focus my search with clarity, confidence & enthusiasm. I am thrilled with the results!

Do you wake up every morning wondering if there is more to life? Maybe you're generally content—and yet you're not really fulfilled? The universe is depending on you to find out what that IT is and DO something about it. I am here to help! In our session we will:

  • Use custom tools to identify your true passion & purpose.

  • Uncover the barriers that may have prevented you from achieving your best life, & learn how to overcome them.

  • Create a plan to build skills, confidence & credibility to support your success in achieving the life you deserve.

  • If a “job”is what you seek, identify opportunities that align with your path.

  • Ongoing support throughout the process of transforming your life to purpose driven and passion fulfilled.

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The Book


Turbo Spirit- COMING SOON

In this practical, step-by-step guide, you'll learn that direct connection to Spirit is not only possible for everyone, but it's also absolutely essential to living the life you were meant to lead.  

Be careful what you ask for—for all your dreams may come true.

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